OCIS can realize processing for contractors based on customer’s orders and programs as well as complete supply commissioned with drawings, both of large series and small batches. OCIS is specialized in processing of external or internal gears, straight-cut or dryfixed gears (spur or helical gears), crowns, pinions and splined shafts in these modules and measures:

EXTERNAL GEAR CUTTING (straight or helical): from module 1 up to module 16
from Ø 10 mm up to Ø 800 mm
INTERNAL GEAR CUTTING (straight or helical): om module 1 up to module 8
from Ø 10 mm up to Ø 500 mm

We have gear shaping machines that can make gear cutting up to 11°. We also have gear shaping GLEASON, PFAUTER GP300ES machines that are able to process helical teething without the aid of a mechanical or hydrostatic guide. We are also specialized in other processes:

SHAVING from module 1 up to module 12
from Ø 20 mm up to Ø 400 mm
GRINDING from module 2 up to module 15
from Ø 20 mm up to Ø 500 mm

Our machinery also includes varied workshop equipment such as beveling cusp machines, rounding machines, deburring machines, milling machines and drilling machines.

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